Gentle Tooth Removal

female-dental-patient-having-an-extraction-where-she-will-experience-a-gentle-procedure-from-start-to-finishWhile it’s our top priority to help you save your teeth with routine dental care, sometimes it’s necessary to have one of them pulled. When this is the case, we want you to experience a gentle procedure from start to finish. Dr. Cook might recommend pulling the tooth if you:

  • Have severe periodontal disease
  • Need to have a denture placed
  • Suffer from advanced tooth decay
  • Are left with an unrestorable tooth
  • Severe abscesses or pain
  • Emergency situations

Removing your damaged tooth can prevent infection from spreading to other parts of your mouth.

What to Expect

During your procedure, we will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth with local anesthesia. To keep you relaxed, we will also recommend nitrous oxide sedation. Then the tooth is loosened with special tools and lifted out of place. You may feel some pressure, but at no point should the process be uncomfortable.

Over the counter pain relievers are typically sufficient for preventing discomfort as your body heals. We also recommend gently rinsing the area with warm salt water to reduce inflammation, discomfort, and any debris caused by leftover food particles.

After Your Procedure

careful-care-of-your-extraction-site-will-ensure-that-adequate-healing-takes-placeCareful care of your extraction site will ensure that adequate healing takes place. Do not drink through a straw, smoke, or consume carbonated beverages for several days, as this can disrupt the body’s ability to form a clot in the open socket.

We will also want to make a plan to replace your tooth in a timely manner. Doing so prevents your other teeth from drifting side to side, or up further from the opposing arch. Some of the more common tooth replacements that we offer are dental bridges and implant crowns.

If you need to have a tooth pulled or want a second opinion, call our Huntsville office to schedule a visit with Dr. Cook. Most insurance plans are accepted.