Options to Replace Missing Teeth

lady-smiling-because-depending-on-the-number-of-teeth-that-she-had-missing-the-dentist-was-able-to-tailor-a-prosthesis-to-fit-her-specific-bite-while-also-enhancing-her-appearanceIf you need to replace multiple teeth at one time, dentures are a convenient, reliable, and economical way to restore your entire smile. Depending on the number of teeth that you have missing, Dr. Cook is able to tailor a prosthesis to fit your specific bite while also enhancing your appearance.

The types of dentures available to our patients include:

Full Prosthesis

Complete dentures (sometimes called “plates”) replace all of your upper or lower teeth at one time. Each one is designed to fit gently against your gum tissues, creating a suction to secure it throughout the day.


A partial denture is an acrylic or metal frame that snaps into place around your teeth, supporting prosthetic teeth where necessary. Each of the teeth are carefully designed to blend into place with the rest of your bite, so that the prosthesis isn’t noticeable to other people.

Implant Supported Overdentures

Dr. Cook partners with a local oral surgeon who surgically places the implants before we place the final restoration. An implant-supported overdenture is a fixed denture that is permanently attached to just 4 to 6 implant roots. It’s slimmer in contour and extremely comfortable!

Denture Repairs

depending-on-the-number-of-teeth-that-you-have-missing-the-dentist-is-able-to-tailor-a-prosthesis-to-fit-your-specific-bite-while-also-enhancing-your-appearanceDropping your prosthesis or biting down on something hard could cause it to break. If you’ve broken your partial or denture, please bring it with you to our office so that we can see if it can be repaired. We’re happy to help, even if you had your denture made somewhere else.

Be sure to schedule regular checkups at our Huntsville office to keep your dentures fitting properly and comfortably. Minor adjustments may be needed over time, and we can also clean away any buildup that has stained your prosthesis. Call today to make your next appointment with us!