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When Should I Take My Child for Their First Dental Appointment?

September 16, 2022
Posted By: Twickenham Family Dentistry

You may not know it by looking, but your baby is born with a complete set of teeth. In fact, their little chompers are one of the first body parts to develop, starting about six weeks after fertilization. This means your child may have had the beginnings of their teeth before you were even aware of the pregnancy. From a development perspective, your child’s teeth are up there with their heart, brain, and other major organs.

This is why the team at Twickenham Family Dentistry recommends that you give special attention to your child’s first teeth. So, if you’re wondering when your child should have their first visit to their kid’s dentist, we offer a simple rule of thumb: first tooth, first visit.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Even though your child is born with their baby teeth, we know they are destined to fall out so that their permanent teeth may grow in. But just because their first teeth are temporary doesn’t make them disposable. Baby teeth serve several essential functions, including maintaining the space for your permanent teeth, enabling your child to enjoy a wide variety of food, and promoting healthy speech formation.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

One thing we accomplish through early dental appointments is acclimating your children to the dentist’s office. When your child is familiar with our team and the treatment room setting, they can feel more comfortable. One way you can promote this is by bringing your child to your routine visits, which gives you the chance to model good behavior,

When your child is in our treatment chair, we begin with a calming conversation so we can get to know them. We have numerous methods to put your child at ease. Exam rooms are filled with unique tools and sounds and smells they might find strange. We do our best to gently ease your child into their exam and subsequent treatment.

In subsequent appointments, Dr. Cook can monitor your child’s baby teeth to ensure everything is progressing without problems. These exams are essential because we can treat potential issues more easily when we discover them early. Our dental team may also check your family’s at-home brushing routine and suggest any improvements you may apply.

Your New Children’s Dentist in Huntsville, AL

Your child’s teeth are precious, and you want to have them visit our dental office with their first tooth by their first birthday. The sooner your child starts on the path to excellent dental habits, the healthier their smiles will be. 

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