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To Repair or to Replace: Dealing with Damaged Dentures

August 30, 2021
Posted By: Twickenham Family Dentistry
damaged dentures in Huntsville Alabama

Dentures are one dental appliance that, by their very nature, are prone to damage. The mere fact that they're removable is a prime cause of breakage. After all, who among us hasn’t suffered a bout of ‘butterfingeritis?’ We drop our phones, we drop our glasses, of course, we’re going to drop our dentures. It’s inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Your dentist in Huntsville, AL is here to help.

Common Types of Breakage

Along with dropping, another frequent cause of denture damage happens when you bite down on something hard. Did you know that, according to National Geographic, the average force exerted by a human bite is over 150 pounds per square inch? We're even stronger than our closest animal relatives: chimpanzees, gibbons, and orangutans. Considering that dentures are usually composed of acrylic resin, which while being durable, is by no means infallible, you can imagine that biting too hard will at least cause micro-fractures if not noticeable cracks. Then, factor in how time both wears on denture material and also causes changes in a person’s jaw, you can see how poor fit exacerbates the problem of denture damage.

Denture Repair in the Huntsville Area

Another great thing about acrylic resin is that under some conditions, it's repairable. More material can be added as reinforcement and will bond easily with the existing denture. What you want to do is bring it to our office to seek professional repair. What you don’t want to do is try and repair your dentures yourself. These things live in your mouth, and using improper materials or techniques can be downright dangerous.

Replacing Your Dentures with Implant-Supported Option

If your denture has been completely demolished by a drop, or if the damage is too extensive to repair, Dr. Brian Cook may advocate replacement with an implant-supported denture. The advantages to this solution are numerous:

  1. Comfort – More slender than conventional dentures, they fit better
  2. Durability – Because you won't regularly remove implant-supported dentures, they are kept safe
  3. Fit – No clips mean no slippage, no relines, and no adhesives
  4. Permanence – Being attached to a surgical foundation, implant-supported dentures are more resistant to changes in your jaw-bone composition

Contact Us to Learn More

Even if your dentures come from another dentist in Huntsville, AL, or anywhere else for that matter, Dr. Cook will be happy to check them and ensure they function as intended. His caring staff is ready and waiting to schedule an appointment for you today. Just give us a call.

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