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What should I do if I chip my tooth?

As an emergency dentist, Dr. Cook deals with dental injuries often, and many dental injuries include chipped, fractured, or broken teeth. Chipped teeth aren’t uncommon, so we don’t want you to panic. However, if you have chipped your tooth, it is a situation where you need to contact our office.  

When you call our office, we will ask questions about the chipped tooth to figure out how extensive the damage is, and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you if necessary. We never want you to be in pain or a state of anxiety, so we will get you in to see Dr. Cook as soon as possible. For emergencies, we usually provide same-day appointments. 

If the chip is minimal and you are not in pain, a same-day appointment may not be necessary. However, you will still need treatment. 

What If I’m in Pain?

If you are in pain after chipping your tooth, you should reach out to us immediately. The pain may mean that your tooth’s nerve has been exposed, which is a situation that requires prompt treatment to help prevent damage or infection. 

What If I’m Bleeding?

If you notice blood in your mouth after chipping your tooth, you should seek emergency treatment from Dr. Cook. Dr. Cook will examine the tooth to ascertain the amount of damage it sustained. When bleeding is present, the damage could be more extensive than is apparent on the surface. 

What If My Child Has a Chipped Tooth?

Prompt treatment is even more important for children than it is for adults. Children are especially sensitive to pain, and we always want to treat their dental problems as soon as we can. If your child has chipped a tooth, we will try to get them into our office as soon as possible for treatment. 

If you’re not sure whether your chipped tooth is an emergency, please call us. We will do our best to evaluate your situation over the phone to advise you on what to do.

Steps to Take After Chipping Your Tooth

After chipping a tooth, you can take a few steps to help prevent more damage or an infection. 

Step 1: Use saltwater to rinse your mouth out. This cleanses the area and removes any debris, which helps prevent an infection from developing. 

Step 2: Try to stop any bleeding using clean gauze or a clean rag. Even if you are not bleeding, applying light pressure to the tooth with gauze or a rag may help reduce pain. 

Step 3: Call Twickenham Family Dentistry to arrange an appointment with Dr. Cook so he can restore the tooth as soon as possible.

Step 4: Ice the area to prevent swelling and to help reduce any pain. 

Restoring Your Chipped Tooth

At Twickenham Family Dentistry, Dr. Cook will restore your chipped tooth using the most appropriate treatment for your situation. There are a variety of restoration options when it comes to chipped teeth. Dr. Cook may recommend dental bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns, among other options. 

If you have chipped a tooth in the Huntsville, AL area, Dr. Cook is here to help you. As an emergency dentist in Huntsville, Dr. Cook is experienced in treating dental injuries and can treat your dental emergencies. 

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