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Can a cosmetic dentist straighten my teeth?

Many of our Huntsville patients take excellent care of their teeth. They visit the dentist regularly for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings, and they never skip brushing and flossing. Yet they are not happy with the appearance of their teeth—slightly twisted or crooked.

Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist in Huntsville, AL can conceal a variety of tooth flaws, including crooked teeth.

The first step is an appointment in our dental office. You and Dr. Cook will discuss your smile goals and determine which cosmetic options are right for you. Considerations include the state of your oral health—including your gums—your budget, and your lifestyle. At Twickenham Family Dentistry, we want to provide you with a beautiful smile that functions as it should.

In our dental office, we use porcelain veneers to conceal smile flaws. These are thin shells that go over the front of your teeth, giving the illusion of a perfectly symmetrical smile. Veneers were a long-time secret of celebrities, but now they are available in our Huntsville, AL dental office.

Veneers in Huntsville also conceal discoloration, gaps between teeth, shape issues, and worn teeth.

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