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How do I prevent TMJ?

The joint connecting the jaw to the skull is known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Place your fingers in front of your ears; you can feel the joint when you move your jaw. This joint lets you move your jaw up and down as well as side to side, allowing you to talk, eat, sing, and yawn. When it isn't functioning correctly, it can cause pain in your face and neck and make it difficult to even open your mouth. This is known as TMJ disorder or TMD.

When we're talking about preventative measures, at the moment, there isn't enough evidence to show that treatment can prevent TMJ disorders. Studies have shown that orthodontic treatment does not prevent TMJ problems and does not cause them either. Treatment should be based on a misaligned bite that can be corrected, not on a TMJ issue. Additionally, grinding and clenching of the jaw during the night can cause jaw pain—which can be corrected with a nighttime mouthguard.

Looking for TMJ Treatment in Huntsville, Alabama?

Do you clench your jaw? Grind your teeth? Have arthritis? Are you under a lot of stress and find that you carry most of it in your jaw and face? Please get in touch with us at Twickenham Family Dentistry if you are experiencing pain or jaw issues.

Dr. Cook can also fit you with a nighttime mouthguard if you have problems with your teeth and jaw. A mouthguard will help keep you from clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. If these things don't help relieve your symptoms, you might need other treatments like physical therapy. But most people with TMD get better with self-care and treatment from a dentist.

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