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Is teeth whitening safe?

If you've considered making improvements to your smile, teeth whitening in Huntsville, AL is an excellent place to start. It can dramatically enhance aesthetics and renew your confidence--prompting your to laugh with ease.

However, many patients wonder if professional teeth whitening is safe for their teeth.

The answer is - yes! Modern dentistry has created teeth bleaching systems that don't harm tooth enamel, and even reduce or eliminate the sensitivity that many patients experience while whitening their teeth. All of this while still achieving exceptional results.

At Twickenham Family Dentistry, Dr. Cook offers both the KöR and ZOOM teeth whitening systems. KöR is highly effective with proven results in removing stubborn stains like those left from tetracycline. ZOOM works quickly for patients who need immediate teeth whitening results for a wedding, vacation, or other significant events.

If you're not sure which option would be right for your needs, we encourage you to contact your dental team in Huntsville at (256) 539-4079 to schedule an evaluation with the dentist. We'll take that time to discuss concerns about your smile with you so we can help you achieve your goals with the method that best fits your lifestyle and budget.


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